Wealth comes from multiple source of income.

Almost half the population of the world today are poor. They are literally struggling between poverty and wealth. It will surprise you to know that greater percentage of the poor people are salary earners. Salary makes workers forget their own purpose in life.

This article will challenge you to find solution to your financial problem.

There are salary earners who are not poor and this is because they know the right way to use their salary. Many of these type of people use their salary to get some money to start their own businesses and many of them also raise some money from the work they do and then use it to learn digital skills which eventually become their second way of making money.

As a worker, student or stay at home parents, it may interest you to know what Digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is simply a way of selling digital products on the internet. You don’t have to create any product, you only promote it using a programmed system.

Affiliate marketers earn 50% on any digital products sold through their unique links. The Digistem is able to track the seller’s ID and pay the seller for sales made.

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