Treat Ulcers with this special food as it has Anti-Ulcer properties. It helped me when I was down with chronic Ulcer in School.

If Ulcer is not disturbing you, you probably know someone who is suffering it.

It is no miracle that you’ve stumbled on this piece of information today. Grab the details obtained in this article to build your knowledge of treating Ulcers by so doing, you will help many other persons out there who are affected by this stubborn disease.

I call it stubborn disease because, it is difficult to treat and it generally affects ones diet and same time, severe discomfort and constipation.

I was in school, second year, I felt sick and it was Typhoid and Ulcer. But before I discovered it was Typhoid and Ulcer, I was busy taking drugs randomly and some of these drugs were affecting me when they triggered by some of the drugs. Through that, the ulcer became chronic. It thought me great lesson not to take treatment without seeing a doctor because there are some drugs that trigger ulcers.

The Doctor, after the treatment, suggested that I also use COCONUT 🥥 WATER.

Personally, I don’t like taking drugs so I decided to try the Coconut water first, I went to the market and got it, drank the water and ate it altogether. I continued the following day for about a week and I forgot I had Ulcer.

I realised when I caught myself eating an Ulcer forbidden mean and I felt no pain afterwards, I was like wow, is this for real? And like a dream of the night, I am healthy till now so, I decided to share it especially now that I have an opportunity to write this to you.

How to use the Coconut water:

Get the coconut, target the mouth point with a new nail or any clean, sharp iron that would not spill the water, harvest it into a bowl 🥣 and drink a glass cup morning and evening.

You can preserve the coconut water in a refrigerator of you have one but there is no limit to the quantity you can take, it’s harmless.

Continue, you may put one day in between.

I wish everyone good health and if you’re already challenged with this stubborn disease, kindly practice this and see results. No side effects.

Feel free to comment the treatment you had made before now. If it didn’t help you, it can help someone else.

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